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In addition to designing, I have also been a teacher and instructor in one form or another - science, scuba diving, software - for many years. I'm passionate about sharing what I know and seeing how others take that forward with their own projects. I hope you enjoy my classes.

Botanical Brushes class

This second class covers how to use the power of Adobe Illustrator custom brushes. It includes demonstrations of how to make leaves, petals and stems that can be painted on and curled into position. Using botanical brushes in layers, designs literally grow and flourish into beautiful plants.

"A really good class, with lots of work flow time saving tips and tricks. Clear walk through instructions featuring not only how to make brushes but also, pattern making and recolouring. A great class for beginners to intermediates." Heather H.

"This class is a game-changer if you are proficient in drawing in Illustrator but lack the know-how to work with the brushes. It was an eye-opener how useful these can be in pattern-design. Sue is a very thorough teacher, explaining each step in detail." Marijke S.

"Sue, thank you so much for this class! I've been using illustrator for a while but I still managed picked up some great time saving tricks and tips form you. I think you did an awesome job giving us an insight into your well organized working methods. This class was excellent. :)" Aliz H. A.

"Really enjoyed taking this class, it was well organized and the steps to complete the project assignment were well communicated with thoughtful examples. Learned many new tips and techniques in this course." Laura D.

The Botanical Brushes class is suitable for illustrators and surface pattern designers: Technique for placement illustrations and repeat patterns are both covered. 

This class is delivered on the Skillshare platform.

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Making Motifs in Adobe Illustrator (Skillshare class)

This first class is geared towards people starting out with vector-based design who want to learn about Adobe Illustrator software and develop their vector style. The latter lessons could also be interesting for illustrators and surface pattern designers who want to explore motif development and style options.

"Great class for people new to creating motifs in illustrator. Easy to follow instructions and great overview and demos of relevant tools too. Thank you!" Beate A.

"Thank you for a great walk through Illustrator showing how to use all the essential tools to get awesome effects and a stunning result! I'm already working with Illustrator since a few years but enjoyed the clarity of explanation and how well you've built the content into a really informative and easy to follow class. I especially recommend this to anyone starting out, as it is so super pedagogical! But even an experienced designer will get a few tips and tricks!" Maria L.

"This is a great class on creating motifs from the beginning pencil sketches to the finished vector file. It is clearly organized and easy to follow. Although I am not a complete beginner when it comes to Adobe Illustrator, I found this class to be a nice refresher on the program, especially when it comes to actions, colors, and texture. Thank you Sue for this useful course!" Johanna K.

"Brilliant class and taught clearly. Learnt so much and I will be watching again to practice along." Stacey M.

Making Motifs will show you several ways to turn sketches and design ideas into motifs using Illustrator. After covering the fundamentals of vector-based design, I’ll take you through the key tools in the software with lots of tips and examples. By the end of the class you'll be able to create vector motifs that can be used to decorate a greeting card, journal cover, screen background or indeed any surface.

Skillshare class video screenshots

You'll need basic sketching materials (paper, pencil and pen), a way to transfer sketches to the computer (smartphone, camera or scanner), and access to Adobe Illustrator software.

This class is delivered on the Skillshare platform.

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Happy designing!