About Sue

A little bit about me. I’d love to be in a universe where tea mugs magically refill, teleportation is a reality and there’s a scuba dive scheduled for after lunch.

Sue with rocket design, scuba diving and in her studio

I have lived in a variety of places including Thailand, Honduras and Philippines. I currently live in Crank, near Liverpool, England!

My surface pattern designs and illustrations are inspired by my surroundings, nature and travel. My vibe is happy, colourful and often nostalgic.

When I’m not creating patterns, you can usually find me swimming or trying out new recipes for home-grown veg.

My latest project — a series of Skillshare classes to help budding designers find their style and streamline their workflow in Adobe Illustrator — launched this August and more classes will be added regularly.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss licensing my work, commissioning new designs, or just to say hi.