Double Stripes

My sister Jill has been after a mustard-coloured cushion for ages, and I just recently found some teddy bear material in the fabric shop that I thought would be lovely. I'd originally planned a floral design for her, but because this material is rather fluffy a simpler bold print is needed.

I've also been wanting to do some screen printing with tape as the stencil, so stripes seem to be the order of the day. To spice things up, the plan is to do 2 colours alternating. After a quick illustrator mockup, I calculated the distances and taped it with those gaps. 

Calculating stripe distances

I did quite a few passes of the squeegee on this particular material and the results are good. My calcuations seemed to work a treat too!

Stripes printed at correct distances

I printed 2 repeats per colour, one for each side of the cushion and left a gap so that the cushion could be made up to the 41cm size of the inner. I did the cream colour first then actually put the second green colour on the screen straight after. I did a pull onto some newspaper to 'clean' the first colour out. This isn't what I usually do, but for these colours and this design it worked all right.

Stripes printed in two colours

Then was the task of cutting out, matching up the stripes at the seams and sewing the cushion. I added a zip and little label as well.

Stripes fabric sewn into a cushion

And there we go: a stripey cushion!

Stripes cushion

I like the taped stripes technique and I'm happy with the 2 colour results. It was tough to hand this one over, but I have a bit more of the teddy bear material so I might make another one soon. Anyway, my sis loves it.