Pretty Poppies

I know it's December, but I Iove florals any time of the year! During Remembrance last month I'd drawn some more poppies in my sketchbook. Recently I revisited these beautiful flowers again, this time looking at colour variations. This first one is how I originally envisaged the new pattern - as a field of colour: 

Poppies - field (pattern)

I also like it at a slightly larger scale too:

Poppies - Mix (pattern)

Then I wanted to create some patterns at this larger scale just with the single variety poppies. To do this I made a new pattern layout without the petals overlapping. The second pattern comes in yellow, orange, lilac or white poppies. I've varied the angles in each so that they can be applied (for example to cushions in a room) and not look overly repetitive. Hope you enjoy the summer florals this winter!

Poppies - White (pattern)

Poppies - Lilac (pattern)

Poppies - Orange (pattern)

Poppies - Yellow (pattern)