Textures with Foam

Relief printing is a great way to create texture, and today I'm trying out craft foam sheets. Using scissors to cut out the general shape then a pencil to press down the foam, I'll create the raised areas of my motif that will transfer the paint. I'll use paper as the substrate for this experiement. Here are the materials:

  • craft foam sheets
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • paint
  • roller / brush / foam applicator
  • paper
  • dessert spoon
  • damp cloth.

Making foam clouds for relief printing

Cutting out the craft foam with scissors is easy, and drawing in patterns with a pencil is quick and simple. The foam does tend to soak up paint, so you do have to use quite a lot to get an even spread. The first large cloud I did hadn't got quite enough paint on. I mostly used a roller, which takes longer to apply enough but does give an even spread and better finish. As with linocut, I used a spoon to press on the back of the piece to maximize the transfer of paint. 

Creating clouds by printing with foam

The texture from the foam is great for the clouds, and the patterns from the pencil came through clear. It's a quick technique that I'll definitely find use for again.

If you try it let me know what you think in the comments.