Martin Mere's Birds

Birds are a subject matter that I love in pattern, but I don't have many photos of them and hence they haven't featured much in my work (so far). Seems like a great excuse for a day out.

Martin Mere (Northwest England) is an amazing location managed by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, and it's the perfect place to observe and photograph birds. My particular mission was to picture birds while in flight, which isn't that easy so I have a few blank sky shots too.

These won't win any prizes but here are a few of my snaps that I plan to use as pattern inspiration.

Flock of birds in flight on a cloudy day
Shapes of birds on the wing

Splendid famingo poses

Feathers on a duck's back
Feather textures

Colourful duck
Amazing colours

If you are in the area I'd definitely encourage you to visit Martin Mere. As well as the birds, there are lovely walks with wild plants, you can go canoeing through reedy wetland, and there's a small art gallery. Kids also have plenty to do with a well-organized craft room, multiple climbing and play areas, and the chance to feed the ducks. It's a grand day out for fun and inspiration.